Mission Possible

February 8, 2014

Mission Possible Logo

Matthew 19:26

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”


In the fall of 2013 we launched the Mission Possible Campaign. God works in hearts and lives when people come to camp and our mission is to ensure opportunities for God’s message to be heard by as many possible. To do that, there are some improvements that need to be made and we need your help.  Many have contributed towards Spring Valley Bible Camp in so many ways over the years.  Is it possible that you would join this mission to raise money for projects around the camp and also help increase the current level of monthly support? Currently the campaign has been met with a slow response and we remain prayerful that people will feel moved to give.


Some of the projects included in the vision of Mission Possible include the following:

  • Main Hill Bathhouse: Current bathhouse is unable to be used year round and it is needed for the Flickinger Learning Center after school program as well as potential renters. The plan is to remodel the Recreation Building to include a kitchenette with bathrooms and laundry facility.  Estimated cost–$30,000
  • S.W.A.T. Building: S.W.A.T. staff are an essential part to the camp life and their residential building is in need of upgrade and repairs.  This would include new bathrooms and improved sleeping areas as well as central air and heat.  Estimated cost–$30,000
  • Boys’ Hill Cabins: New cabins that are able to be heated and cooled as well as new safer beds.  Estimated cost–$20,000 for each cabin
  • Playground: This would be added to meet the needs of our younger campers and appeal to those looking to rent the camp.  Estimated cost–$10,000
  • Landscaping: Plants and landscaping added around buildings and grounds.  Estimated cost–$5,000
  • Improvements to the director’s house: Complete insulation throughout the house, bathroom upgrades and completion, and deck expansion.  Estimated cost–$8,000.
  • Valley Lodge: Funds will be needed to bring the lodge up to fire code once the final determination is made. This project does not have an estimate yet because it is dependent on what is needed.


Not only is the Mission Possible Campaign to fund the above projects, but it is also to raise awareness of the need to increase the current level of monthly support. For various reasons, several of the significant contributions to camp are no longer able to give and this has left the camp to have a deficit in its monthly need. Please consider ways in which you as an individual, or a group, or as a church could contribute to this need.

If you would like a Mission Possible Campaign brochure, you can download it here:  Mission Possible Brochure